Top 5 Mobile AI Art Apps in 2023 for Android and IOS

Suppose you are an artist if you want to turn your photos into fantastic art with the help of Ai Art Apps. These apps can be used to create portray art, digital art, abstract art, and even typical artwork. Countless reasons motivate people to create art; some are making our surroundings more beautiful; creating records of a specific time, place, person, or object; and expressing and communicating ideas. The human intellect is inspired and motivated by art.

We will share the top 5 best mobile AI art generator apps in 2023 for Android & IOS.

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Lensa – AI Art Image Generator

lensa ai art app

Lensa is the most used app to turn your snapshots into art without taking up extra time or space on your device. Lensa is the app for you! Upload a photo from your camera roll and let the app do its magic. In a few seconds, you’ll have a stunning work of art that will impress your friends and family.

Android:  App on Google Play

IOS: ‎App on the App Store

Wonder – An App that Generates Art from Your Text

wonder ai art app

This app uses artificial intelligence to detect the objects, colors, and patterns in your photo. Then creates a unique piece of art. The result is a beautiful work of art like anything you have never seen before. But one thing that makes “wonder“ unique from other ai art generators is that it uses AI to generate art from your text. You describe the art you want to create in a few words, pick an art technique, and the app does the rest, creating beautiful art in a few seconds.

The best quality of the Wonder app is that there are no limits on the amount of art you can generate. You can use the app as much as you want, for as long as you want. And the outputs are 100% accurate, often matching the text quite well. The only downside is that there are a lot of ads. You have to watch an ad before seeing each piece of art. But there is an option for an ad-free membership, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Android: App on Google Play

IOS: On the App Store (

DeepArt – AI Art Image Generator

deepart ai art app

DeepArt is a fantastic option for making beautiful artwork with just a few clicks. With its Ai technology, DeepArt can transform any photo into fantastic art. I had the opportunity to try out DeepArt for myself, and I was really amazed at how well it worked. I’ll try an image of a girl, and DeepArt will turn it into a beautiful artwork with just a few clicks. The colors and patterns were so stunning, and speechless.

DeepArt is definitely a game-changer when it comes to creating Ai Art. With its AI technology, it can create unique artworks that are realistic and detailed. If you’re looking for a way to turn your photos into stunning pieces of artwork, DeepArt is definitely for you.

Android: App on Google Play

IOS: App Store (

StarryAI – Create Art with AI

starryAi- ai art app

StarryAI is an Ai based app that can help you to create trending digital art within minutes. If you want to use keywords or text, the app reads the instructions and creates fantastic Digital artwork. You can even upload photos. The quality of the output is always high, regardless of the input. The arts take a couple of minutes to make, but it may vary from time as you’ll need to wait in a queue. Once your art is ready, you’ll get a notification to check it out. You may also change the style of the art.

Another helpful thing about this app is that once you get the photo, you get ultimate ownership of it (so you can use it for personal and commercial needs). Herewith, you’re limited to 5 free art, all the extra ones with cost your money.

Android: App on Google Play

IOS: App Store (

PicsArt – Text to Image AI generator

picsart-best ai art app

So finally the most famous and very easy-to-use app makes your social media posts, digital painting, photo editing, and photo enhancement make your photos eye-catching Look no further than PicsArt! This app changes your life a great tool that can turn your text into an image in just seconds. This can be extremely useful for creating banners, posters, and other visuals for your posts. PicsArt is very easy to use. Simply enter the text you want to convert into amazing art, and the tool will do the rest. In just a few seconds, you will have a beautiful image that is sure to grab your attention.

Android: App on Google Play

IOS: App Store (


In conclusion, these are the top 5 mobile AI art apps in 2023. This list includes both Android and IOS apps. Some of the apps are free while others are paid. However, all of them offer great features and allow you to create amazing works of art.

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