How to take good pictures of yourself with iphone

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These days everyone has iphone camera with high specifications, and everyone wants to take good photos with his iphone, but without knowledge of some important points of photography, you never click mind-blowing photos; after reading these tips, you will be a professional Smartphone photographer here is some tips for you to taking pictures like a pro. 

10 Amazing tips for ” How take good Pictures ” with iphone

Note; These tips are also useful for android user

Hold Your phone Still. 

Smartphones have a built-in stabilization feature, but our phone does not give sharp results with a moving camera. First, you stabilize your camera to avoid blurry, pixilated and bad-quality images. Tripod is the best option to stable your phone in one place.

Hold your phone still (phone photography tips)

Using Gridlines 

If you capture your picture according to the rule of thirds, you must imagine your picture divided into nine equal parts using two vertical lines and two horizontal lines.

In fact, on the Smartphone, you can easily display these gridlines within the camera app. To switch the gridlines on, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid.

The rule of thirds, the most important thing in the scene, should be placed along the gridlines or at the joining where the lines meet. Of course, this “rule” is a really important guideline for photography, and when broken purposefully, the centralized subject can have a powerful visual impact. But generally, the rule of thirds is a great starting point for any composition.

using grid lines (phone photography tips)

Capture Multiple photos at the time 

One of the best things about Smartphone photography is that you can take many photos at a time. This process makes it much easier to learn and improve your photography skills. For taking multiple photos, your phone has a built-in feature called Burst mode; Burst mode is very helpful for this technique. This function allows you to take multiple photos in one second. Once you take multiple photos, then you can select the masterpiece. 

capture multiple photos at the time (phone photography tips)

Learn your camera capability

In the beginning, you must test and check your phone’s camera; you can analyze auto mode and fast focus mode and exposure and light. This is normally set by touching the screen of your Smartphone if your phone has manual settings, so don’t worry. Some phone cameras have a manual, and some have auto settings. Then you set the camera shutter speed, color balancing,, and exposure per your requirements. This step helps you to take amazing photos from your Smartphone.

learn your camera capability (phone photography tips)

Take Outdoor Photos With Natural Light (If Possible)

Some phones are best for indoor, but most phones are very best for outdoor photography due to sensors best thing is that you can take photos outdoors and use proper lighting to get amazing results. Proper lighting is more than just exposure and brightness. This is the very technical part of photography; therefore, use natural light for taking pictures from mobile

Take outdoor photos with natural light (phone photography tips)

Avoid Zooming 

The zoom feature is just for zoom photos to see the image clearly, but in photo shooting, the zoom feature reduces your photo resolution. Avoid zoom to get better results. Move your camera closer to the object to maintain a better photo quality. This tip is very helpful in phone photography. 

Use Photo Editing tools. 

All smartphone camera has a built-in feature of photo editing tools and effects. Photo editing tools are available on the google play store free of cost. You can edit photo light, exposure, and crop images and make them very professional. These tools make your photography to the next level.

use photo editing tools (phone photography tips)

Some good editing apps for phones are given below:

1. VSCO Cam can be used on iPhone & Android. 

2. Snapseed can be used on iPhone, iPad & Android.

3. Instagram can be used on iPhone, Android & Windows Phones.

4. Flickr can be used on iPhone, Android & Windows Phones.

5. Lightroom can be used on iPhone, Android & Windows Phones.

Finding Different Perspectives

By taking amazing photos from a unique and unexpected angle, you can make them more memorable. It creates an illusion of height and depth with the object. It also makes the photo more attractive. Try taking pictures directly upward and playing with the sky.

finding different perspective (phone photography tips)

Play with the Reflections 

This is an amazing technique to make the photo more attractive and professional create or find a reflection of your subject in water, a mirror, sun-glass and drinking glasses and a surface for just a click. It very an amazing tip for smartphone photography.

play with reflections (phone photography tips)

Attach an External Lens 

If you want to take pro photographs from your Smartphone, then the external lens is for you. The external lens makes the photo more detailed, and a sharp specially lens is used for micro-photography like insects and other small things. 

attach external lens (phone photography tips)

Bonus tip – 

The most important point is practising taking multiple photos, selecting the best photo and taking a print. Then, gradually you will analyse your photos, and you will see the improvement in your photography consistency is the key to success. 

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