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App nameRemini mod apk
Last Update:2 Days Ago
Reviews & ratingsReview: 2.34 Million | Rating 4.5/5
Features:Free Remini unlimited credit Pro Cards, No Ads, Premium Unlocked
Developer:Bending Spoons
Category:Photography, Photo Editing
File Size:298. MB
Android Version:Android 6.0+ [M, API 23]
Store Link:Google Play

What Is Remini Apk?

Remini APK is an AI Photo editor app released on July 21, 2019. This app developer’s name is Bending Spoon. It’s an advanced editor where you can get high-quality pictures after a few steps. It has many advanced filters, which you can use to enhance your picture quality. This AI photo editor enhancer mod app saves pictures in Remini without a watermark.

You can download this app from the Play Store, but you will face irritating ads. If you want to continue editing without ads, then the mod version of this app is perfect for you. In this app, you can blur your pictures, create a sharper look, and make your picture professional. Now convert your old-quality pictures to high-quality. Additionally, you can use the Remini for videos.

What is Remini mod Apk ?

Remini Mod Apk is a modified version of the original app that can transform your old photos into new ones and improve your picture quality. It is a third-party source that allows you to use additional features without cost. The mod version of this app provides many filters, such as background changes, drawing tools, and color correction tools, that you can use to make your pictures perfect. Due to its unique features, the Remini app has become more popular just like the Picsart Pro Apk.

Moreover, the AI photo mod apk allows you to use unlimited features, such as unlimited stickers and photo frames. You can also remove unwanted objects and enhance the image background quality. In addition, you will experience the mod version of this app without boring ads and enjoy the ai photo enhancer mod apk Now, let’s look at the features of the Remini app.

What’s New

Here are some new exciting features in Remini’s latest version

  • Some Advanced Features
  • Enhanced photo Quality
  • Working Fast
  • Improve Quality
  • Cutting-edge Algorithms
  • Improve filters

Remini Mod Features

Here are some mod features in the Remini mod apk.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Cards
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
premium unlocked icon

Premium Unlocked

The Remini app’s official version does not allow you to use the premium features. The free version gives you limited access, and you dont get all the pro features you need to edit your picture professionally. But in the mod version, You will enjoy the premium full unlocked version. This version included video enhancement, portrait, scratch, animations, oil paint, face animation, mega bleach, and more. 

Furthermore, You can apply all advanced features free of cost and make your pictures more fascinating and professional. Now use the mod apk version and boost your image quality. There are no restrictions on using the premium features. You can use all these features according to your needs. Download the modified version of this app on your device and enjoy Remini mod apk premium unlocked. All premium features are unlocked just the same as Minecraft APK.

unlimited cards icon

Unlimited Cards

Remini mod apk unlimited pro cards are a very interesting feature of this app. The pro card is an app currency to buy advanced filters to enhance your editing experience. These cards are used to buy credits. In the official version, you need to pay for the pro cards, but in the mod version, you don’t need to pay any money. In the original version, you must pay $ 5$ to buy pro cards, but our mod version provides unlimited pro cards.

However, you can get the advantage of unlimited pro cards when buying advanced filters, and you can give high definition to your photos. So, use these cards to get high-quality images and videos. It will be able to edit your photos to the next level. These pro cards can adjust the picture brightness, contrast, and saturation.

In addition, you can customize the photo-specific part and use the vast range of filters. So why are you waiting? Download the Remini mod apk from our website, get unlimited pro cards, and enjoy the premium features for free.

without ads icon

No Ads

Now, we will discuss one of the best features of the Remini, which is that there are no ads. It is very irritating when you are busy with photo editing when ads will be displayed. Then it is very frustrating for you. And you don’t want to watch any ads while editing. Just think about that: For a minute, when you click on the editing tool, an ad will appear, and you will be redirected to different pages or videos, which will be very irritating. So download the mod version, remove the boring ads, and save time.

Moreover, These boring ads waste your time, and in the modern era, almost every person has a short time and wants to edit her editing process quickly. The Remini mod version will not show any advertisements, and you will easily edit your images and videos. You don’t need to watch 3 minutes of ads while editing. You will see many ads in the original version, destroying your editing experience. 

without watermark icon

No Watermark

In the mod version, you wil not see the watermark in any images. A watermark is a sign that will appear in your photo when you use the original version. But in the mod version, you can save pictures without watermarks or unwanted objects. You can’t remove the watermark in the original version without a subscription. Also, watermarks affect your picture’s beauty. So, use the mod version and enhance your editing experience without the watermark issue. Now it’s time to enjoy the Remini without watermark.

Remini Mod Apk Latest Version Features

Here are some new exciting features in Remini mod latest version.

  1. Colour Correction
  2. Covert Images in Cartoons
  3. Photo Restoration
  4. User-Friendly Interface
  5. Quick Processing 
  6. Sketch Tool
  7. Crop Tool
  8. Paint Effects and Magic Effects
  9. Enhanced image resolution
  10. Recover blurred Images
  11. Preview Change
  12. Automatically Saving System
  13. Ai Avatars
  14. Unwanted Object Removal 
  15. Enhanced Face Sharpness
  16. Low Battery Used
  17. Security and Privacy
  18. Online Sharing

Colour Correction

This is one of the app’s essential features. If you click pictures in poor light, don’t worry; this feature gives you many advantages. The color correction feature will help you enhance the color quality of your images. This feature corrects your picture’s color and gives you excellent results, improving the bad quality of your photo. As you know, beautiful colors are a crucial part of the pictures.

This feature will manage your picture’s natural colors and automatically adjust the picture brightness, contrast, and saturation. Perfect colors make an ideal photo. The AI-assisted Remini mod APK editor improves the picture’s colors in just a few steps. So try this tool and get the beautiful images. Moreover, you can add colors to your dull pictures no matter how old they are. 

Covert Images in Cartoons

The most demanding feature of the Remini app is the pic to cartoon app. This feature will convert your pictures into cartoons. Moreover, you don’t need to crop unwanted objects and dont need to remove pictures’ edges. Because this app automatically does this. You can easily create cartoon images by using your selfies. The process is simple, and in a short time, you will get the cartoon images. Now download the mod version and enjoy the cartoon picture app.

Photo Restoration

Remini photo enhancer mod apk will restore your old photos, and you can edit them again anytime. And there is no rocket science to edit your picture. The process is straightforward. You can do this by clicking on the enhanced button after selecting the picture. It will work automatically and give you an attractive image. In addition, it will clean your pictures’ blurriness and remove all scratches and unwanted objects.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface plays a significant role in a good video and photo editor. The app’s success mainly depends on the excellent interface. The Remini mod app has a user-friendly interface and simple controls for editing pictures. Due to its user-friendly interface, you can easily use this app to function correctly. Moreover, Remini AI algorithms work very well. Due to its simple interface, almost every person likes this app. With only a few taps, you can correct your picture. 

Also, it understands the picture of technical problems and makes perfect use of artificial intelligence. It’s effortless for people and ideal for newbies. Furthermore, this app’s sharing process is straightforward, and you can easily share your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Quick Processing

In today’s world, almost everyone has a short time to edit a single photo. And they want the best editing app. Are you one of them? So, this app is for you. It works fast and gives you quality results. So enjoy the super fast editing process within seconds. Remini Mod APK uses the AI algorithms, and its editing process is very fast.

Furthermore, ai algorithms work automatically, and you can get the best results in just a few seconds. Moreover, you will enjoy editing, and this app will enhance the beauty of your photos. You can set the brightness and recover your blurry pictures. Just upload your photos and start editing. It will give you a fast response.

Sketch Tool

Remini app has impressive features, but one of the remarkable features is the AI sketches of Remini. Well, it is an exciting feature of the Remini Pro mod version. Many people want to convert images into sketches. So, this app is perfect for doing this. With Remini free, you can easily apply sketches to your pictures.

Automatic Cropping

Another feature of the Remini mod app is the automatic cropping. This feature crops your pictures and resizes your photos so they look better. The photo manual adjusting process is fantastic. In addition, it removes the extra spaces in your picture and adjusts them beautifully. And in te last, your images look fantastic. During editing, Remini ai algorithms take care of every requirement and provide you with a beautiful picture.

Paint Effects and Magic Effects

The other exciting feature of this app is the paint effects. You can grab it in the photographic world, increasing your excitement. Enjoy the paint effects and get entertainment. This artwork turns your pictures into perfect ones. It permits you to make shining oil paintings and innovative professional pieces with portraits or landscape shots showing the magic effects.

Enhanced image Resolution

This is an exciting app feature that can enhance your image resolution. Remini enhancer mod apk feature will add background enhancement, face enhancement, and color enhancement, as well as more pixels to turn your old pictures into quality ones. So, use the latest Remini version, apply all the tools, and enhance the image clarity. Moreover, this tool will help you make your pictures natural. In addition, you can use the environment enhancement filter to get exciting results.

Recover blurred Images

The Reminy mod app’s latest version allows you to set the blurry pictures. When you want to capture your favorite moments, getting a blurred photo irritates you. So dont search another app because, in Remini, you can select a specific part of the group photo and remove the blurriness.

In addition, Ai technology already knows where editing is needed, and it makes a better photo. Upload the picture and click the enhanced button to get a quality image. It will sharpen your image, add the pixels, and make it more attractive. It will understand all your editing requirements and provide a modern look.

Preview Change

Remini mod apk allows you to preview the image after editing. So this is one of the best options for you. After editing and before saving, you can check what the picture looks like and save it if you like it. But if you dont like the picture, you can undo enhancement. The editing process is easy and creates fun.

Quickly Saving System

When you complete your editing process and want to save the picture, then the process is very straightforward. Click the save button at the top of the screen, and the image will be automatically saved to your device gallery. You should save your picture because it lets you view your image without any internet connection. Moreover, After saving the picture, you can share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Ai Based Application

As we mentioned earlier, it is an AI-based application that works perfectly. AI algorithms enhance the photo resolution and automatically crop the pictures. Remove the image’s extra spaces and add the catching colors. Moreover, they increase the image’s beauty and turn the blurry picture into a clear one. They understand the videos and fulfill all these requirements by adding filters and providing a fantastic picture within a few minutes.

Unwanted Object Removal

Remini mod apps allow you to remove unwanted objects from your photo. You can enhance the picture’s beauty by adding filters and changing the background. If you already have a beautiful image, the unwanted object and watermark destroy your picture’s beauty. Then, it helps you to remove all the unwanted objects. Moreover, you can remove the scratches easily. Picsart MOD Version also has a similar feature for free to remove objects.

However, After removing the watermark, you will see attractive images. This is one of the best features of the Remini app. You can also remove the background using the Remini mod apk premium unlocked. This app is perfect for those pictures where you want to remove the watermark.

Enhanced Face Sharpness

This unique feature enhances the face’s sharpness by focusing on the facial organs like the nose, lips, chin, and eyebrows. It will remove the shadows from your picture. This feature will remove the wrinkles on your face and make it beautiful. All the AI-based features work. Within a few seconds, they will give you an attractive image.

Low Battery Use

Most editing apps use more battery on your mobile phones during the editing. But Remini mad apk uses less battery and fulfills all requirements. You will edit your pictures in a comfortable environment, and you don’t need to worry about your mobile battery. Enjoy the Remini features and get exciting pictures.

Security and Privacy

The app’s use is one hundred percent safe. You can use the latest version of the Remini mod apk without hesitation. You can trust this app if you put your private data, like images and videos, for editing purposes. It will not share your personal data with anyone. Your data will be automatically saved in your device gallery, and the app can’t share it. It’s safe to use.

Online Sharing

You can share your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms. You don’t need to pay to share images; You just need an excellent internet connection and can share your pictures. Because the Remini app online works. This app allows you to give your photographs a professional look. So, share your photos on different platforms and show your editing skills.

How To Install The Remini Mod APk

You can download this app by following this simple process. Here is the step-by-step process to install the Remini mod APK download for Android and iOS. Moreover, you can install the Remini online free download for your PC or laptop. Each installation method differs, so let’s closely examine the process.

How To Install the Remini Mod APK for Android?

The Remini app download process is very easy. Let’s see how to install the Remini mod app on Android.

  1. Go to the download button and click on it to download.
  2. Navigate to the device privacy settings option and allow the unknown sources.
  3. Click on the install button until a box will appear.
  4. It will ask you for some permissions; allow it.
  5. Now, after these steps, you can access all the premium features in the Remini app.

How To Install the Remini for IOS?

Here is the process for installing the Remini mod APK for iOS devices to enhance photos.

  1. Go to the App Store of your iPhone.
  2. Now click on the search bar and type Remini.
  3. Click on the Remini App icon.
  4. Now click on the install button, it will start the installation process and will start installing the Remini app on your IOS device.
  5. Once the app is installed, open the Remini app and enjoy your photo editing for free.

Download the App from the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Search the Remini and click on the enter button
  3. Click on the Remini app
  4. Press the install button, and the installation will start.
  5. Allow necessary permissions and wait a few minutes. The installation speed depends on your internet connection. If your connection is slow, it may take some time. So, complete the installation.
  6. You can use the Remini app when the installation is complete.

Method to install Remini app on PC Windows 7/8/10

Let’s look at the installation process for the Remini for PC Windows 7/8/10.

  1. First, download Android emulators such as Noxplayer and Bluestacks to run this app on your PC.
  2. Open the emulator, access the Google Play Store, and sign in to your account.
  3. Go to the Play Store and search the Remini app.
  4. Install the app and launch the Remini from the app drawer or home screen.
  5. Complete the emulator system requirements and use the app on your PC.

How To login into the Remini App?

Here is the Remini login process.

  • First, Open the app on your device.
  • Tap the login button and enter your email address and password.
  • Now, Click on the login button.
  • If you want to sign up for Facebook or Google, click the respective button and follow the instructions.
  • You will be moved to the app home screen after this.

App Requirements

Here, we will discuss your requirements for installing the Remini editing app.

  • For Android
  • For IOS

Android Requirements

  • Operating System: Android 5.0 and above
  • Internet Connection: Need Stable Internet Connection
  • Storage: Sufficient Storage need
  • Ram: Almost 2GB 
  • Approvals: Access to camera network and storage

IOS Requirements

  • Operating System: iOS 10.0 or later
  • Internet Connection: Active Internet Connection
  • Storage: Need Fine Storage 
  • Device Compatibility: Itouch, iPad,  iPhone
  • Approvals: Access to camera network and storage

Before and After Examples


Video Remini Pro mod apk Image Quality Enhancer

Why Select The Remini App?

Different apps like Remini are available on the internet, but you should use the Remini app because it is the best photo editor app with almost 100 million users. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. You can set your blurry pictures to a professional look. Moreover, the app supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish. However, with Remini unlocked apk, you can remove scratches from your photos and increase their beauty.

How To Edit Your Photos in Remini Mod Apk 2024

Follow these simple steps to edit your photos in the Remini app. Let’s take a closer look!

  • Step 1- First, download the Remini Mod app from our link. You can install this app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Step 2- Launch the app on your device and click on the plus icon button.
  • Step 3- Now select the picture on your device gallery which you want to edit. 
  • Step 4- After this step, you will see the different editing options. Select the editing tools you like and want to apply to your picture. 
  • Step 6- Now Tap the start or enhance button to start the process, which may take a few minutes. When it is done, review it. 
  • Step 7-  If you are satisfied with the photo, click on the save button and save it. If you are not happy, you can continue your editing.
  • Step 8- You can share your photos by clicking on the share icon via email and other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Pros And Cons


  • Use advanced algorithms and without ads experience in the mod version
  • Unlimited Cards and Premium Unlocked
  • AI Integration
  • Numerous Enhancement Options
  • Fast Performance and Easy-to-use
  • Automatic cropping system


  • Mod App is not on the Play Store
  • The free version comes with limited features
  • Size 298. MB

AI Avatars With Remini Mod Apk 2024

You can create AI avatars in the Remini AI mod apk. You can turn your images into high-resolution and high-quality images. Remini Ai avatars mod Apk is a technology that uses AI algorithms to recover blurry pictures and enhance the quality of your videos. Just follow these steps to do this.

  • Open the app.
  • Tap on the Avatar Tab.
  • Click on the + icon button and upload the photo.
  • You can add multiple photos, including almost 10 to 12 images.
  • Select the gender and click on “Generate Avatar’’.
  • Review the picture, and when satisfied, click the save button to share this on social media platforms.

Remini Premium Subscription

The official Remini app provides you with a free one-week trial. When the free trial comes to completion and if you don’t cancel the subscription before expiry, you will be charged for next month’s subscription. And you can not claim for a refund. So, the best option is to unsubscribe before the last date if you want to. Because the monthly subscription will be automatically renewed when the month is complete, let’s now see the process of unsubscribing from the official Remini app.

How do we Premium subscribe in the Remini app

  • You will open the Remini file.
  • After this, you will click on the subscription button.
  • you will get benefits from the subscription.
  • All the premium and updated features are allowed by this version.

How to Cancel Subscription of the Remini App

This article will discuss two ways to unsubscribe from the official app.

First Method

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the managesubscription.
  • Now, cancel the subscription, and you will get a notification via email.

Second Method For Android

  • Open the Google Play Store 
  • Click on the menu icon, and choose “subscription”. 
  • Select the Remini, and then click the “cancel subscription” option.

Second Method For iOS

  • First, go to the app store. 
  • Click on the profile picture, and select “subscription”.
  • Select Remini, and tap the “cancel subscription” button.

Remini mod apk for PC and Laptops

  • Many people want to download the Remini APK file on their PCs and laptops.
  • So they can also download it on their PC and Laptop.
  • First of all, They will download the emulator on the desktop. In this Emmulator, on Playstore, you will download the Remini APK file.
  • You will Install this version of Remini.
  • So after installation, you can customize your photos, Images, and videos by uploading them.

Types of Emulator

  • BlueStacks
  • LD Player
  • Dolphin
  • Nox Player
  • Game loop
  • MEmu player

Comparison Between Remini And Remini Pro, IOS, PC

FeaturesReminiRemini ProRemini IOSRemini PC
Editing ToolsAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Support Multiple Languagesyesyesyesyes
User InterfaceEasy to useFriendly interfaceEasySimple
Audio ExtractionYesYesYesYes
Export QualityUp to 1080pUp to 4kUp to 1080pUp to 1080p

About Rmini App Safety And Security

Remini mod APK 2024 version is safe to use. If you want to use the mod version of the app, download the Mod app from reliable sources. Because it’s illegal to use, we recommend downloading this app from our website. Our website provides you with a 100 percent safe link. You can enjoy all the pro features, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS. After downloading, enjoy the Remini AI avatar photo editor. Moreover, this app does not leak your data. It takes care of your privacy.

Reviews About Remini

This app gets different reviews. Some people give positive reviews, but some give negative reviews. Users offer positive reviews because this is perfect for you if you have old photos and want to turn them into high-quality images. It uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to improve and clarify the picture quality.

Some users give negative reviews because this app does not support heavy pictures. In addition, users like this user-friendly interface. Lastly, this app is the best for professional editing. Now, let’s see some user reviews.

It works great for photos just like that. Discolored, scratched, side profile, messy backgrounds, and other stuff, it’s less than ok. BUT! For shit like this, it’s killer. There’s a lot of good ones out there.
I’ve had some amazing results with Remini. It’s great for using low-quality photos to restore them. I usually get the best result by resizing a large, low-quality image and then upscaling that rather than just putting the source straight in.
I’ve used a small image to process in Remini, and it enlarged the photo after, and it does that for every image you put through it. Pretty cool!
Remini makes your pictures look amazing! It’s like adding cool new colors and details that make your photos super cool. It’s not just a regular photo app; it’s like having a magic artist help your pictures look fantastic.
Noah Alias

I have shown you some reviews of this app. These reviews clear your confusion about installing the Remini app and help you make a good decision.


To sum up, with the help of Remini mod app AI technology, you can fix damaged images and refresh them with just a few clicking steps, enhancing your editing experience. If you have some old dark photos and want to make them colorful, then you can use the Remini app. This app converts your dark photos into colorful ones.

The Remini mod app increases the number of pixels in bad-quality pictures and videos. Many users have a positive review of this app. The Remini Pro version is amazing; you can change old pictures to new ones.

frequently asked questions

What is a Remini Pro Card?

It’s just like a credit card encouraging you to unlock premium features.

How does AI Artificial Photography work?

The Remini app is built using AI-based algorithms. These algorithms are computer programming, just like human training. The AI algorithms work well, are very clever, and understand our editing requirements.

Does Remini Mod APK follow data privacy protocols?

The answer is Yes. The Remini mod app uses the exact database, and the user keeps all the photos and videos private.

Can I use this offline app, and is it safe?

No, you can not use this app offline. You need a stable internet connection to use the Remini app. Also, it is 100 percent safe to use if you download this app from reliable sources. Our website provides you with its safe version.

Why does the app not work?

1- If you need more storage, use this app.
2- Your internet connection is not stable.
3- Check the Update; if an update is required, click the update button. Check the article for brief detail.

Is Remini MOD APK safe to use?

Yes, Remini pro Apk is safe to use. The App does not collect any personal data.

Important Note

Disclaimer: This is not an Official website. Our goal is just to provide useful information to users We have no association with All Credit is the Right of original App developers.

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